Accreditation Regulations

Euro Hockey Challenge

Czech Republic – Germany, Karlovy Vary


1.     During the game Czech Republic - Germany (the Event) only accredited journalists will be allowed to enter. The number of accreditations is limited. Accreditation from previous events does not remain in effect and shall be updated as above.

2.     Editors must fill in a valid accreditation form, namely, on the website The accreditation form must include a requirement whether the accreditation is for a journalist, a photographer or for a television or radio staff. The accreditation must include the official contact to the editors for the possibility of verifying the given information. The requirements for accreditation must contain e-mail and fax for sending the information and press releases from the Czech Hockey (CH). Deadline for media accreditation is April 10, 2019.

3.     CH reserves the right not to grant accreditation. CH is obliged to send the decision to individual journalists at least 3 days before start of the Event.

4.     Accreditation cards will be issued in the Accreditation Centre (Realistic Arena, Karlovy Vary). During the entry every journalist must show a valid press card.

5.     In the Accreditation Centre every journalist or editor gets a single accreditation card. Entry to the area designated for media representatives (Press Center, Media Tribune, Mixed Zone) will not be allowed without this card.

6.     The photographer will receive during the entry an identifying vest, with which he will be allowed to enter the positions for photographers (Photo Zone). Every photographer must wear the identifying vest.

7.     Accredited journalists are committed to use the official name of the Event in its news and respect the official partners of the Event. In disregard of this rule CH reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation.

8.     The accredited journalists undertake to respect the obligation to conduct all interviews with players and team staff only in the Mixed Zone or in the area designated by the team Media Officer.

9.     All marketing rights to the audio and video materials from the Event hold only CH or its marketing partner BPA sport marketing. Television rights are assigned to the contractual host broadcaster.

10. All audio and video materials as well as photos recorded during the Event can be used only for reports in the news.

11. Using the audio and video materials for advertising purposes or for any commercial activity in any medium, or in any other way requires the written consent of CH, respectively exclusive marketing partner of CH. Without the prior written consent is the use of this material strictly prohibited. Another condition for use is the settlement of copyright and personal rights.

12. In case of selling of photos or copyright of photos from the Event the photographer is obligated to inform the buyer that these photos may be used only for reports in the news, and using these photos for advertising purposes or for any commercial activity in any medium, or in any other way is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of CH or its exclusive marketing partner.


How do we deal with personal information? 

      Personal data is used by Czech Hockey to gain information about accredited people exclusively for one particular event of Czech Ice Hockey Team. The database of personal data is properly secured and the handling of personal data goes fully with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).